5 Minutes Exercise Routine for everyday

Everyone is busy in their daily schedule and peoples hardly do exercise in a week and that’s not good for their health. For a healthy life, they must have to do exercise daily and due to a hectic life schedule of office life, they can’t able to do this so we are sharing some quick and easy exercise ideas that you can do in just 5 minutes.

We are sharing daily routine exercise ideas that are very easy to do you even don’t need any exercise knowledge for doing this.

Daily exercise is also good for our brain and for health as well as the motivated lifestyle that help us to achieve anything in our life.

This is are 5 different types of exercise ideas that you can do within 5 minutes. And daily 5  minutes is not a big deal if you are getting something good. A healthy life and a wealthy life are required for happiness.

Run in place:

Try to run in place for a maximum of your strength and do this for 1 minute with your maximum power that helps to burn your more calories. The more you burn your calories in less time this equals the good you exercise.

Just try to run in place with faster as you can run without leaving a place. If you have a treadmill then it is more good and easier for you to do this exercise.

Jump for 50 times:

Jumping is the one type of best exercise from all of the exercise types that you can do with your own. For jumping exercise, you don’t need any equipment as well. Jump as long and high as you can that helps to stretch your body with a maximum limit. If you stretch your body 50 times in a 1  minute then it will be the best exercise.


If you are ever gone to the gym in your life then you should know about the benefits of push-ups. The strong body can easily able to push their body up so we suggest you do 8 push-ups for 1 minute for beginners. After the 15 days, you can increase this limit with 15 push-ups in 1 minute.

This thing is totally on your body strength try to increase your strength day by day. Please don’t over-limit it by doing too much exercise. Over exercise is also not good for health.

Bicycle crunches:

After completing the three exercise you can go for bicycle crunches that you can also do with your won. Do the maximum of you can do, Bicycle crunches are the most effective way to exercise your legs.

Doing the bicycle crunches increases your strength of legs and it helps you to run faster. For 1 minute just do this exercise then rest for the next 1 minute.

Final conclusion:

This is your 5-minute exercise schedule for each day you can also change the daily exercise types for that you can check our another article that might help you to learn more.

If you do this exercise for 5 minutes daily then you don’t need to worry about your fitness and health.

Try to do this exercise daily in the morning because the morning exercise is fare better and good than the any other time.

Follow the steps given in this article that really help you to do exercise in less time and also helps you to get fit without wasting money on a gym. This is totally free exercise idea you can do it in your home.

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