Home Remedies to Cure Seasonal Viral

As season changes every year there are some seasonal viral are always spread in climate and that affects our body. As temperature changes automatically climate change side effects start showing on your body.

We are sharing some remedies for seasonal viral fever that you can check for staying away from viral fever. Also, all remedies are easy to do and you found all the required things in your kitchen.

Eat Seasonal Vegetables:

If you want to stay away from viral fever then try to eat seasonal vegetables like palak, Methi that are all green vegetables that help you to get the required vitamin. also, it helps you to get the required proteins for the current season.


Garlic is one of the best things for curing many problems. If you eat garlic in the empty stomach then it will cure heart, Thyroid diseases. So if you eat the garlic in every season then seasonal change won’t affect your health.

Leafs of Tulsi:

Tulsi leaves are also one of the best things available on earth which are good as remedies for many different diseases. Eat daily 2-3 leaves of tulsi in the morning and that helps you to stay away from viral diseases.


I think I don’t have to say much more about turmeric you already knew of turmeric from your parents, grandparents and from our childhood. turmeric heals many things in our body. You can drink hot water and turmeric before sleeping at night. If you do this daily it is good for cough problems.


Amla is one of the best vegetables for many things ait is good for digestion and also good for growth of our hairs. If you eat amla then it will help you with your hair growth and long, black and shiny hairs you can check our how to stop hair fall?. Also, Amla is good for vitamin c that gives our body strength and good for the vision of our eyes.

These all are main Remedies for Seasonable viral. You can try this at your home.

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